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      AvatarFred Rosse

      A simple flatiron skiff, with three developable surfaces, the sides, the bottom, and the transom. All surfaces are assigned to the “HULL” layer. I have made three additional layers, “SIDE”, “TRANSOM” and “BOTTOM”.

      How to define these faces, and assign them to the appropriate layers to get a look at the individual plate (or should I say, plywood) development?

      Thanks in advance. [file name=SW19G_DELF.fbm size=46452][/file]

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      AvatarMICHAEL KERR

      1, First, set up your layers in Layer Properties, which you have done.
      2 Go to Display –>Interior Edges, you model will change into a series of different coloured fish nets, highlight the layer on your model by left clicking your mouse on the layer and assign the layer by the drop down arrow next to the Current Active Layer Window.


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      There’s also a topic on this in the FAQ section of this forum.

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