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      I am Matusz and I have one little question. Is this possibly to do sectional view of my ship i Delftship free? I would like to print it. I’ve found something called “intersections” but i can’t print it. I am looking for something like this
      Is this possibly to this it in this program? I hope it is. Someone can tell me how may i do this?

      Thanks for all. Cheers Mateusz

      Don’t look at my english. It isn’t so good as it should be.

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      This functionality (called tank arrangement in DELFTship) is included in the professional version in combination with the tank modeling extension. Otherwise you’ll have to compose such a view in a CAD program by exporting the appropriate 2D intersections as 2D DXF Polylines.

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      Thank you very much. It works with export to CAD program. Perfect softwere.

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