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      José Manuel

      Hello again
      I want to obtain the ship sections every 50 centimetres, in a numeric table shape or similar.
      I do not find the way to do that. In Spanish it is called “caja de cuadernas”, I do not know the english term.
      Thanks in advance

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      Robert Holme

      I think in English its called a Table of Offsets and DS can produce these. The items you are calling sections DS refers to as Stations and there is provision to add/remove them so you can set the distance between Stations to your needs.

      It is well explained in the help files but I’m not sure about the language options for these files.


      Best Regards

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      giorgio zuppin

      Good job, sorry, I was thinking about a reply and you come first Bob.
      I can only add some sidetips:
      Tu puede llamarlos ‘booklets’ in ingles, yo creo but ‘table of offsets’ is the correct term.
      Go to ‘tools’ – ‘intersections’ and set a proper spacing for stations AND waterlines.
      This because you ‘export’ OFFSETS as points of intersection of stations and waterlines.
      Alternatives: export as ‘coordinates’ – tricky – or as a DXF file and then process it with your favourite CAD software.
      I’m skating on thin ice here: not my usual business and do not know on what you are into.
      Hope something works.
      Bye, Jurgen.

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