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      Don Schultz

      I am brand new to DS Free. I do not know how to create or manipulate hull forms in DS Free. I have opened files from the “downloads” area of the website, but they are not quite what I need for a known length, draft, beam, and displacement. I can tolerate allowing the hull form coefficients to vary, within a range, but I’d like to “dial-in” my length, draft, beam, and displacement to parent hull forms and see if I like what shows up.

      Is there a way to do what I have described in DS Free?

      Thanks in advance!

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      Select “Scale” from the “Tools” tab and then enter your longitudinal, transverse and vertical scale vectors.

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      Don Schultz

      Thank you Marven. That works just as you described. I then used the “Hull Transformation” under the “Tools” tab to then adjust to the preferred displacement. This resulted in a modified hull form that was quite fully than I had anticipated, but the process to adjust the hull worked. Thanks again!

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