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      ok, i did a search but couldnt come up with anything…
      Is there a way to save Delftship files for older versions?
      I share files with a a few friends and not everyone has the latest version and they cant open my files, is that a problem only for free versions and the “Pro” version has an extra function or im stuck with exporting in different formats?

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      Sergio Diaz-Ibieta

      Hi Lutech,
      I’ve got Delftship Pro and I can save files in older versions, from 2.6 (last Freeship version) till 4.48.-
      Just check if your free version allows the “SAVE AS”command and then check the lower part of the save window for the “NAME” and “TYPE” of file, where the version can be selected.

      good luck


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      Only the professional version can save to older formats.

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      Sergio Diaz-Ibieta

      The MASTER has spoken…
      Just buy the PRO version. I really recommend it.

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      Ugh i seem to keep hitting this “only the pro version can” lol
      where do i find the list of what the free version cant and the pro version can do? i seem to have missed reading it.
      I will buy the pro version when i will be actually proficient in designing things worth building, for now its a learning tool

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