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      My .fbm file should be around 52 to 70 kb in size. But, I finally got around to teaching myself to import jpg files (a limit of 3) and adjusting my oversized default canoe to begin my 544′ hull.

      However, the program becomes extremely sluggish (up to a minute to release the cursor or refresh the display) when I have 3 drawings in. They are jpg files that are somehow (not through Delftship’s fault) ballooned to between 7MB and 12 MB after i convert the 1.5 MB tiff file to JPG. Once I get the 7 or so MB file into DS, and save 3 positions of the jpg, the program slows to a crawl. I saved the file and took a look, and it is 38 MB in size.

      In RAM, a file I created months ago with maybe 200 layers and NO jpg inserted takes up some 38.4 MB of RAM. The less detailed model, with only 3 layers and maybe 15 stations and no details to speak of on the other layers, other than 2 jpg images makes DS consume 322.6 MB.

      So, I’m proposing that withing DS, we be afforded a cropping the image in DS. I request that the cropping be done in DS versus outside because I’m personally at a loss as to how I could adjust the drawing area of interest to match start and finish points on the model. I finally got to entering wacky coordinates that are not scientific to me — they’re more luck and desperation. It would be easier if I could insert the drawing, then click on “bow/stem” and click stern/aftmost” and or alternatively click on FPP and click on APP. It IS nice that the image doese scaly x and y uniformly so I don’t need to think about that. I realize that the manual says we should scale it in an external program, but that is more work to do, more to think about, and could be trial and error.

      Anyway, if we can crop and discard then my file size would come down considerably. I WISH I could deal with this in win and Linux, but my .tiff sheet physical size is 24″ x48″, and een TOUCHING tiff files in my machine brings it to a crawl. These tiffs were produced by a copier company back in 2003, and I SWEAR there must be some serious algorithm padding mangling my file during conversions. Luckily, i’ve sanned some parts on an old clunky scanner, but…

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