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      Can Ozalp


      First of all i would like to say that i love delftship Free! its just amazing, i cant stop playing around with new designs… thank you very much for making this software =) anyways lets get to the point.

      I am currently designing a small deep V rescue boat. ( L:5m B:2m T:0.28 ) The deadrise is quite high and i want to add strakes to provide additional lift. Is it possible to make such form on the hull using delftship free? will it mess with the hydrostatic calculations? i downloaded some model on the site but i couldnt find any with strakes..


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      It should be possible. You can either integrate them in your bottom panels and include them in the hydrostatics, or model them as separate surfaces which are excluded form the hydrostatics. The former is more accurate, the second method gives you the opportunity to modify them without altering the overall hullshape.

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      Can Ozalp

      thanks marven. I tried the first one cause i also want to see the slight displacement change due to strakes… It works but i need to work a little to keep the hull form as it was before adding the strakes.. one more question.. what about steps? is it possible to model a stepped hull on delftship?

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      Jürgen Sass

      Of course you can create steps in your design.
      See attachment.
      You can nearly create any form you want.
      See examples under download.


      [file name=Hickman.fbm size=153883][/file]

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