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      Chris Baker

      A really useful way of rotating a view when editing a hull is to be able to have the selected entity(ies) the focus of the view, for instance, if you select a single point the view drags and rotates about that point, if a line or surface is selected then the view drags about the centre of the entity.
      Currently when zoomed in on detail and you want to ratate a small amount the subject tends to shoot out of sight…unless of course I have missed something? which might not be the first time!

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      giorgio zuppin

      Hello, that is not a useful anwer, it has to be intended as a pat on your shoulder ’cause I experienced the same frustrating issue.
      working on fine details you have to move the worksheet in the direction that will be dragged by the rotation, to remain in focus.
      It could be useful to select a grid point, but not so much.
      If it could be of some relief, I can tell that the same problerm is encountered working with powerful 3D modeling tools, i.e.: “autodesk inventor fusion” wich I use extensively.
      The programmers have to make a choice between the usefulness of a tool and its weight in terms of request of calculations.
      That’s what I like in Delft S.: it’s a very lightweight program and still a useful tool.

      Best wishes.

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      That’s why I always work with many views at once. In a window I edit the model, in the other windows I check for the result… and sometimes I select a point or a line in the others windows just to keep the same point of view in each window meanwhile the concerned point or line is not easy to select in the “edit” window.

      An other tip is to make the unused layers invisible. This allows the edited layer to be seen from any point of view (or almost) and makes the software work faster.

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