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      Maximilian Hacker

      using the rotation:

      ever since I use delftship I wonder around which center the selected points rotate. They usually get pretty far dislocated in two directions and it often is a nasty task to bring them approximately back where they were before. Try to correct the angle of a shaft – not calculating the difference of the center movement means a fine approximation solving. Up, up, down – fine, now in x-direction…

      In my opinion it would be way better if the selected points were rotated around their balance point. If that’d be too much calculation, then maybe around the center of one selected line?
      Also the possibility (optional – default if left blank) to define a rotation centerpoint in the rotation input mask would mean a great upgrade.

      best regards,

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      At this stage the default rotation point is the origin of the model (0.0, 0.0, 0.0). It would be a minor task to extend this so the user can specify a different rotation center. I’ll see this makes it into the next release.

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      Maximilian Hacker

      Ah! Now it’s clear!

      Would be great if the feature could make it into a new version.

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