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      Is there currently a way to open a file and view revision or save history/dates? Im not talking about a roll back tool. I am just looking to see that this file was created in 2012 etc. By right clicking the file I can only see when it was last saved/modified. I am hoping to see a “date first created” date where the first progress was made on a specific file. Thanks in advance.

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      Terrance Egolf

      Hi Jamie.

      Since no one else has responded, I’ll take a shot.

      I assume you are a Windows user, since the software does not run natively on other kinds of operating systems.

      You can easily see the date of creation for files by modifying your Windows File Explorer view. Navigate to the folder where your DELFTship file of interest is stored. At the top of the screen should be four tabs labeled File, Home, Share, and View. Click on the View tab.

      This tab provides a variety of options for viewing the files and folders at this location. In the Current view menu group is a choice called Add columns. Click on the expand arrow to view the other options. One of those options is “Date created,” which I think is what you want. Click on that to display the creation dates for all files and folders in this location.

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      I hope this will answer your question.



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