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      John Owles

      I am drawing up a low power hull based on an early coaching launch. At an initial length of 15ft I can view resistance calcs successfully but when scaled up to 25ft (with no other alterations) it returns an “Invalid Floating Point Operation”.

      There are no leak points, except around the gunwale and the hydrostatics show an expected output at this stage. Anyway the 15ft version produces all outputs successfully. Any ideas would be greatfully received. [file name=CoachingLaunch_25.fbm size=11673][/file] [file name=CoachingLaunch_15.fbm size=23361][/file]

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      John Owles

      I have just gone through the scaling routine again with the same result. As you can see, the resistance calcs for the 15ft version are produced successfully. When scaled to 25ft – “Invalid Floating Point Operation”. I am at a loss?

      [file name=15ftCoachingLaunchResistance_calcs.doc size=3712][/file]

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      Hi Jayoh,

      You’ve hit a bug. I’ve corrected it so the next version will not have this. See the attached reports for the results. [file name=resistance.pdf size=51228][/file]

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      John Owles

      Thank you Marven,

      I am pleased that the problem isn’t with me for a change, especially as I am now beginning to develop the CAD mindset and get the hang of DS, it is at long last beginning to become productive for me. We should be building our first boats using DS very soon.

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