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      Hi All,

      I have completed a 3.2m dinghy hull and extracted a lot of useful data including incline stats from that module but I am having trouble with the resistance calculation/extension.

      The hull data is not being imported into the calculation with ‘extract data from model’ ticked and so I am not getting any data at all. I have had issues in the past with my model location being all wrong and giving weird data in the hydrostatics calculations but in this case very other calculation but the resistance one is working as it should so I am pretty confident I haven’t stuffed that up.

      Any help would be appreciated

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      3 things come to mind:

      1. Are there leaks points submerged for the selected draft? This can be verified by calculating hydrostatic for the same draft.
      2. Did you set the correct draft?
      3. Is the speed range withing valid boundaries?

      Can you perhaps include a screenshot of the resistance window with your settings?

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