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      giorgio zuppin

      Hello Delft s(k)ippers!
      Time has come to our great sea happening: started as a club event for fews in the 70′, it has turned in the the most crowded Regatta of the world:

      Actually the 1.8 mile starting line is a bit busy with 2,000+ boats crawling around!
      I’ll be there, of course, with some friends AND a barbecue, AND bottles…a lot of course.
      It’s a pride to reach the finish line ( wind conditions a part ) on any position… better than your next of moor of course!
      Keep in touch, if I’ll survive the aftermaths I’ll let you know.

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      giorgio zuppin

      Just a post to underline what means that sea kermess for us:

      It’s a naif video of some revelers that for some unknown reason decide to part at the best moment, the 2010 regatta was plagued with guts of bora at 55 knots in the end: Great moments….humm.
      Anyway, it’s nice to see from the stranger’s eyes all the topics of a great weekend.

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      Good luck!!

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