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      AvatarMarcus Brandt

      I’m new to DS, and will probably be asking tons of questions here in the future 🙂
      I will be using DS purely for design purposes, not for engineering purposes or hydrostatic testing and so on.
      My first impression of DS is that it seems to be quite easy to use, yet fairly flexible. However, i have searched around a bit, but i haven’t really found any nice rendered images of DS models. I understand that rendering is not the primary focus of DS, so how do you render a finished DS model?



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      Avatargiorgio zuppin

      A chance is, export as .obj, to… maybe Blender?
      It could worth the try.

      Cheers, Jurgen.

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      AvatarMarcus Brandt

      Ok i have done a quick test exporting the model as an .obj file, and then importing it into Photoshop CS6. This works fine and i am able to work with the model in CS6. However, i notice the obj file does not include layers from DS, so i get the whole model as one layer in PS. This makes it very difficult to color/texture/render different parts of the vessel in different ways. Say for example that i want a blue hull with reflection, and a matt white superstructure, this will be almost impossible to do with only one layer. Any thoughts or suggestions on this?

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      Avatargiorgio zuppin

      An obvious and cumbersome way is: export layer by layer – make only 1 layer visible at a time –
      Then, in Blender almost, you can work on separate level, or parts.
      Beware that your drawing must be organized at the start with proper subdivision of layers, in order to achieve maximum
      flexibility for the rendering task.
      Anyway, as you have cleverly pointed out, DS it’s not a proper tool for that.
      Regards, Jurgen.

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      AvatarMarcus Brandt

      Thanks for the suggestion, that might work. Is it possible to export layer by layer? And do you know if it is possible to put it all together then in PS?:)
      Perhaps i am using the wrong software… I’ve been looking at software like 3ds max and so on, but the learning curve seems quite steep, and i was looking for a software that was easy to use and model in. So i found Delftship – but if i can’t get a decent render out of it in the end, then it’s no use i’m afraid. As i mentioned earlier, i’m in it for design purposes only.

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      Avatargiorgio zuppin

      In any wiew, enable visibility of one layer only through the layer properties panel: then export it:
      Although in any vectorial imaging program using >>>layers or >>>levels, you can import them, modifie as wanted and assembly as a whole:
      DelftShip is more suitable to export in .dxf to for ex.: Autocad or similia.
      My experience in rendering is only marginal, I use mostly Blender and, yes: all serious graphic programs are a steep hill to climb
      to get rid of their full capabilities.
      Now I have exhausted my tips, I think: being a Jurassic-age technical designer who has learned with pencils and rulers I cannot offer you more…
      Have a nice day, Jurgen.

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      AvatarMarcus Brandt

      Hehe thanks Jurgen!:)
      I will try exporting layer by layer to PS and see how it works. I will also try to export to Blender, although i dont have any experience working with blender yet,

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      Avatargiorgio zuppin

      Take your time, go step by step, read carefully all suggestions, USE the ? button, do NOT shoot the screen..
      Could be a BIT frustrating, at the beginning…
      Bye, Jurgen.

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