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      I have created a generic model as a stating point and the adjusted to match the real Boat. the problem I have is that the created model has too many points in some areas and I need to drop a couple of points in order to archive vessel shape I am looking for. How can you remove a point from within the mode without creating a hole in the vessel shape

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      Hi Graham,

      Welcome to the forum!

      Please check the manual on point and edge collapse.

      Collapse removes items leaving the model intact- points can only be collapsed if they are no longer needed- I think you will need to collapse edges first.

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      Note 1: A “no longer needed point” is a point connected to two edges only. If you “erase” it, you won’t modify any polygon.

      Note 2: If you DELETE a point or an edge, you’ll punch a hole. If you COLLAPSE a point or an edge, you’ll erase it leaving the surface undammaged (but probably slightly “flatter”). Look for these buttons, they work differently.


      To be more acurate than Maarten, I suggest:

      1. select all the no longer used points along the edge to be collapsed (if any);
      2. collapse them;
      3. select the edge itself;
      4. collapse it.

      The thing you have to understand is that the edge collapsing opreration is just the contrary of dividing a polygon: you want to patch up together two polygons into a single one. So it’s possible you may have to simplify the mesh around the edge to be collpased for the software can find only two polygons to patch up together.


      If a point refuses to be collapsed, it means it is still used by more than two polygons. Collapse the supernumerary edges before collapsing the point.

      If an edge refuses to be collapsed, it means it still contains a point (used or not). Collapse this point before collapsing the edge.

      … and, of course, read the manual… and understand it and test each command to see how it works. It answers 99% of the problems.


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