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      Wolfgang Rottpeter

      Why don`t you guys create a semi-pro version of delftship and sell it for a hobbyist-affordable price? There must be thousands of amateur users outside who use the free version but would really love to have that auto-fairing tool included. And my guess is that almost all of them wouldn`t want to pay for extended hydrographic calculations, reports, creatable booklets and any other stuff a professional shipdesigner would want!
      Also important: I`d want to actually see how the auto-fairing tool works but can`t find a single video on the whole internet in which this is shown? That`s really a lousy promotion of your great product! I even might shell out the 150,- for the current pro version since I´ve got some 50 – 60 plans I want to re-work, but before I do so I want to actually SEE for myself what this tool can do for me and if it would really make me finish things faster and thus save time!?


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