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      Ralph Grothe

      After updating from DS 4 to DS 5.24 I realized that the neat feature of inserting relative coordinates into the point coordinate pop-up widget by prepending their values with an “@” sigil seems to have disappeared.

      I know that this may look a redundant feature to the DS developers as one can mark any amount of node points and apply the “Move” function on them.
      But this requires me to perform several long distant mouse moves and clicks,
      especially since in the DS 5 release the menu screen has been split into two separate panes which in DS 4 fitted on one,
      and I prefer to avoid redundant mouse moves where ever I can and use the keyboard instead
      (I am a Unix shell retarded computer user, I have to admit)

      So, why has the relative coordinate editing feature disappeared, and is there any chance that it might return in a later DS release again?

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