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      I first off want to say what a wonderful program, I have been using the program as a hobbyist since the project was open source. I found out that there was an updated version, and thought that I would take it for a spin. I was sad to find out that I could no longer save the developed flat patterns. This is the main reason I was using the program was to be able to make patterns for stitch and glue kayaks. While the graphics were nicer, and there seemed to be some speed improvement in the new version, I reverted back to the old version.

      Is there some compromise that could be made? Perhaps only allow panels of a certain length to be developed and saved, or limit the overall number of panels that can be saved.

      Once again, I do recognize the need to make a living and feed the family, but to have included this feature in free versions in the past, and then to remove it is unfortunate. If this cannot be done, I guess will just stick with v2.6 as that does what I need to do kayaks.


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      Peter Hughes

      Maximize the plate window.Select the plates you want with a snipping tool and save to your preferred folder.You can then use them as background in something like PaintNet to draw high pixels/cm, smooth outlines.Tracing station lines on them is useful for construction

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      Ross Munro

      I concur with aeroengineer1. I would guess that many of the users of the free version are using the software for this purpose. We aren’t professional boat builders, nor making money from the program in any way. I can’t understand why you would cripple this feature. It certainly won’t help sales. Personally, I’ll simply move to other software.

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      cant agree more with the users in this thread!
      thumbs up for free plate development up to 3 meters!

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