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      I am presently trying to get started with Delftship for creating a nicely shaped hull for a model ship. I did with a NURBS software, but found great examples in the library here.

      I am wondering where these outlines come from as seen on the screenshot. This is from an example containership in your library. I selected few examples to see how they are modelled and where I could start from.

      Thanks and best regards,


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      Hi Axel!

      If I well understand you question, these lines are:
      1. the hull’s profil along the symmetry plane (you can gt rid of it by using the tool MIRRORING and setting the lines ase soft edges);
      2. a cutting edge increasing the the bow flaring;
      3. the transom sharp-edged profile.

      I’ll understand it by rotating the 3D view with a non-wireframe display.

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      thank you! These are part of the control net and you ca control the lines by it, but I haven’t figured out how to draw a model from scratch. I think this is the basis I need at least to start with, the outlines of a hull. That second line from top defines a knuckle line on that example model from the download database.
      Not that easy to start with Delftship. It is totally different than working with a NURBS program, but here you will have much smoother hulls if you do it right I guess. I think once understood how Delftshp works it is not that difficult to construct a hull.

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      As matter of fact, Delftship is really easy to discover… provided you read the manual, of course! :whistle:
      I assume a funny way to start is to download a model and to play deforming it, thus you’ll understand many useful things.
      Then remember, you can get pretty good results even if you use onkly half of the many commands available.

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      iosif gross

      I am with Icare on “Read the manual first” 🙂
      It will be very helpful and will not take too long time

      Best wishes

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      Peter Edmonds

      Keep up the manual to deal with features appearing in new releases.

      Also, explore the YouTube DS tutorials. I have had a lot of value from these.

      Peter Edmonds
      Naval Architect
      Perth, Western Australia

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