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      Is there anyone who has a good way of punching holes in a solid plate, so you can look through it (window holes in cabin plates)?

      At this moment I do use different layers, but than you cannot look through it indside.

      And I do like to show the decorated inside as well.


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      Open the LAYERS dialogue box: there a TRANSPARENCY characteristic for each one (in addition of many others such as color, visibility, use for the buoyancy, thickness, density…). Juste type a value from 0 to 100 for the quality of transparency you want.
      Do not hesitate do make them very clear, otherwise it won’t be of any use. 😉
      Of course, you’ll see just the inner side of the hull. Then you’ll have to draw all the boat’s inner accomodations or… curtains :whistle:
      The layer’s color will be used as tinted glass… provided you don’t make it completely transparent. B)

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      But that will not solve my problem.
      The glass is on top of a ‘solid’ layer of steel. Making the glass transparant, I will still see the solid plate of steel behind it, and not inside the cabin.
      I still need to punch holes (windows) in the steel plate, and I do not see an easy solution for that.

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      Create edges with your window shape in the layer you want to ‘punch’,
      (maybe you can extrude your existing window layer through the plate, and then inteersect the two- that should give a good starting point)
      make those crease edges
      Select (only) the surface of your window,
      Assign that surface to your transparent layer
      Voila, window

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      John Owles

      Ah, holes are something that I have also been trying to acheive.

      For example: Creating the position of apertures to allow keel stepped masts pass through a structure.

      If any body has a solution I would love to hear about it.

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      :ohmy: Do I understand it well? Did you draw your windows ONTO the steel sheet? Do you have two sheets of different material superimposed, like a picture pinned up ONTO a wall?
      If so… you just painted a window image on the cabin’s, but you didn’t make a “real” window.
      Is that your problem?

      If so, there my way to dig a hole thu a wall and fill it with an other material (glass for example):
      1. On the wall’s layer, draw the future hole’s outline.
      2. Draw an edge (line) across it (diagonal or bisector, doesn’t matter).
      3. Select this last edge, only this one, and just suppress it by pressing the DEL key: Both panels of the window will be dug thru the wall’s panel… You have a hole (for your mast going thru the roof, for example).
      4. On the window’s layer, select the hole outline (do not forget any segment), and close it by using the icon of a square divided in 8 sectors: you have a “patch” of glass in the middle of a steel plate.

      Does this anwser your question?

      As far as I remember, all this is detailed in the user’s manual… 😉
      For the trouble, I let you find out how to make a window when it must be located just across the symmetry axis… :whistle:
      . . .
      I found it only by myself. B)

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      John Owles

      Thank you Icare, I will have a go and see how I get on.

      I did have a look through the manual but I didn’t find anything but there again I might have been looking and not seeing. Not unknown!

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