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      Lichao Chen

      I bought pro version yesterday, and wasted a whole night to make it running.

      I launched software after installation, then I activated successfully via online method. A dialog box pop up with the message asking for a restart of program. After I clicked the box, the program restarted, and nothing showed up!!!

      Obviously a “delftship.exe” progress came up in windows task manager, but GUI didn’t display. I terminated it and tried launching again, just hanged up once more.

      Removing and reinstalling program didn’t help. If you install in the same dir as last installation, you just can not boot program even a fresh install. I have to remove all the trash left and install to a different dir just to reenter the activation code and restart and hang up…..

      Is it required to have a internet connection on starting up??? I’m in China. Complicated situation when using internet service outside China. Any service may be blocked. Even VPN connection is not stable.

      The last resort was to activate via email. Hope reply soon.

      Windows 7 64bit.

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      Hi clc3123,

      Sorry to hear about your issues.
      Can you try to start DELFTship in safgemode? (keep the (shift) key down when starting DELFTship)
      While it is not required to have an internet connection, DELFTship by default checks for updates when it starts, and this could be causing your problems. This can be disabled in the system preferences: go to the Sttings tab, clickl the Preferences button. On the first tab of the preferences window there is an option to change the setting for Automatic Updates.

      Hope this helps!

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      Lichao Chen

      Hi, Maarten. I want to let you know: It works!

      I reinstall the software. And disable the auto update checking just before I activate the program. Now the program start normally.

      I think it would be good tip for any China-located user.


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