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      I was trying to update my delftship copy to the latest version, something like “226” which came up as an update installation. Then I accidentally deleted the whole directory. So, naturally I went to the original site and tried to download the latest installation file:
      It installed fine, but it is the previous version… Now all my latest models are impossible to open because the the installation file from the site is version “186” not something like “226.” I tried to update the installed version but the update command said that all is just fine and the latest version is the one I have. ALL OF MY MODELS WERE UPDATED TO THIS PHANTOM VERSION “226” (don’t remember the exact number) PLEASE HELP TO RECOVER HUNDREDS OF HOURS OF MY WORK-TIME. Thank you.

      Here we go again, could you please update the latest download package?

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      Any suggestions for my problem after being posted for a few days? Any at all? I have this update captured on screen dump.

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      Your current version (5.06) should automatically update to the latest version.
      If it doesn’t then you can force the software to check for updates by selecting “Program settings” =>”Updates” from the File tab.

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      Hi Marven,

      I´m having a similar problem: From my current Computer I cannot access the Internet out of DS for automatic updates which make me unable to open the last uploaded designs.

      Would it be possible to submit a link or an update file?

      Thank you!


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      Problem solved for the moment. Upload opened with the version which can be downloaded…but it isn´t the latest or it is?


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      Papp Miklos

      Today I have a 5.26.228 version, the latest. Updated with the program menu.

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      rasmus jensen

      it well not work

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