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      Hi everyone, I’m a student of Naval Engineering and when I want to see the Gz curve of my load condition, I can’t see more of 20 degrees, when I know than the value it can be higher then that. So I can’t see my complete curve. Why this happened?
      I used Maxsurf-Hydrostatics (using all the same values) to compare the angle of maximum Gz and when Delftship shows me 20 degrees, Maxsurf shows me 34 degress and the complete curve.
      I tried to define the angles, adding 21,22,23,24 degrees and nothing happened.
      I don’t know how can correct this.
      I also searched for leaking points, but they only exists on the edge of the deck.
      Other information, I’m using the stability criteria of IMO A.749 Code on Intact Stability, and as every knows, the maximum angle of Gz it has to be greater or equal than 25 degrees.
      I would be very grateful if someone can give me a clue, or a solution to this problem, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.



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      you probably have one or more leak points in your model. As soon as these become submerged your ship will be flooded and sinks. you can check this using the “check model” feature. one obvious reason could be that you dont have a deck added to your model. The model should be completely closed.

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      I really appreciate your quick answer. I’m a beginner with the program and I could solve it closing the deck.
      Thank you very much for your time.


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