Problems opeing DELFTship 32bit/64 bit compatability

DELFTship forum Hull modeling Problems opeing DELFTship 32bit/64 bit compatability

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      I created a file with the latest 64 bit version at school. I took it home and worked on the file with the latest 32 bit version. I could not open the file when I got back to school. The messages I got read, “Error reading from file” and “This is not a valid DELFTship file!”

      Does anyone know how to fix this?


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      Here is some more information:

      64 bit: 5.06.186
      32 bit: 5.21.213

      Has anybody else had this problem or know how to fix it?

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      The 32 bit version seems to be a later file version (5.21) whereas the 64 bit version is file version 5.06. File versions are backwards compatible, meaning you can always open a file created with a new version of delftship. It doesn’t work the other way around though. Older versions of the software are unable to open a file which was created with a newer version.

      This seems to be the case.

      If you send me your file then I’ll convert it to version 5.06 for you.
      Please send to info_at_delftship_dot_net

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