problems exporting to 3d dxf mesh?

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      Oh Sorry I think I posted this to the wrong section :(…. If a Mod could could move this plz

      Hi I am fairly new to this and 3d modelling in general.

      I have been working on a model of a small yacht (open 30 design) and slowly learning the modelling functions of delft ship

      I have created a hull, I have created added further a weather deck section on the forward 2/3 thirds of the hull, using extrude curved surface.

      Next I created a second part to the deck, back 1/2 and fashioned that into a an modern open cockpit
      Next I created new faces to fill in the transom and a vertical area which is the front of the cockpit and the end of the forward section of the deck

      This is all in one layer.

      I exported the hull as a 3d mesh dxf file and then imported the dxf file into 3d max…strange things then happened to the “mirrored” or starboard side of the model. the fore peak area, from the bow to the first station of the deck is missing, yet it is all intact and complete on the port side.

      The transom and the deck/cockpit join section renders the the port side just fine, however the mirrored side appears to be missing. This is until I looked closer and found that these to mirrored sections are actually inverted, so therefore visible from inside the model…..I don’t know if this is the case with the fore peak area of the deck, I cant see into it enough to tell.

      I tried exporting an obj and importing that into 2d max and that seems to work fine, no holes. However, when smoothing the hull in 3dmax or blender as an object I loose any sharp creased edges….and I dont know how to fix that (yet)

      Think it might have been my model, I went to the DS database of models and downloaded the f100.fbm model a small yacht with a deck and transom in place. Exported it as a dxf imported it into 3d max and had the same problem.

      I do have the very latest version of the free Delftship 5.24.223, 3D Max is 2012 and I run in 64bit

      OK, thats about it I think, I have looked though the forum for similar problems, I have tried different combinations but I have run out of ideas. If anybody can help with and answer or solution I will be very greatfull.


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      Pepijn van Schaik

      Hello Donna,

      looks like 3DMax reads the surface normals in the wrong direction. Did you try to export the portside only and mirror in 3DMax?

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      hi pepijn. thanks for getting back, no I did not try that, I am not really experienced with 3dmax but I will have a go at that.

      I have tried a a few different ways to produce the model, one being to create the deck and transom in one piece and then push and and pull it around to create a cockpit in the back and added points to created various folded edges, ensuring that the surfaces are all external. funnily it has managed to flip various sections of the deck on the mirrored side, I am totally confused about what might be happening

      also the forward section of the deck for some reason flips at the first station.

      If I can get hold of any other apps I will try looking at the dxf file in something else

      Cheers D

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      OK, I have exported the port side only and created a mirrored object in 3d max…yay it seems to work, at least the starboard side seems to be complete and the faces seem to be facing in the right directions. Now I just have to workout how to stick the two halves together in max. :unsure: :blink:

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