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      I’m a newbi in Delftship. Cannot find the parts import function though I have checked the manual and help functions. Feels stupid but would be grateful if someone could hint/Hasse

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      Terrance Egolf

      Hello, Hasse.

      Sorry for the delay in a response. This forum doesn’t get a lot of activity, sadly.

      The Import Parts function is found on the Home ribbon within the Project menu group (near the upper left corner of the desktop).

      Click on the down arrow at the bottom of the Load button, this displays a menu of items to “load.” In the top section are two choices: Load and Import.

      Select Import, which displays the following menu:


      Click on Part, then navigate to where you saved the part, select the part file, and click Open. The part will import into your model at the exact place where it was created, so ensure there isn’t any other geometry at that location, or you may have to turn off interfering layers to find it. The part is imported in its own layer.

      That basically is all there is to it. If you find you are creating a lot of *.part files, you could create a separate folder to store them in your project folder. The program remembers where you store your part files (most of the time).

      Hope this helps.


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