Problem importing chines into Delftship .

DELFTship forum Hull modeling Problem importing chines into Delftship .

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      Brian White

      I am trying to check the design of a hard chine stitch and glue kayak. I made a text file in Note Pad using the format on page 18 of the User Manual with 12 points in the keel, chine and shear. I opened a new file, entered the number of points in the longitudinal as 12, number of points in the vertical direction as 3 and the length beam and draft in metres and pressed OK. I then went to File/Import/Chines and imported the .txt file. the box came up asking me if I wanted to save the current model because it had been changed. I chose No. I was prompted to to re enter the number of points on each chine as 12. I entered this and a set of 3 chines comes up on the screen. The stem and stern points are accurate. The points in the bow region show some resemblance to the points in the file and the points in the stern section are all over the place. Can I get a better result than this?

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