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      Iago Rodriguez

      Hi there !

      i work in a shipyard, and we would like to change our old softwares for a new one, so, we are looking into all possible solutions, and, personally, i like Delft Ship.

      we have going through all demos, free software, tutorials, manual , old versions,…. and some doubts have arppeared. could you please help me with them 🙁 .

      at the moment, i would like to know more about Probabilistic Damage Stability:

      – is there any updated manual ( or any other documentation ) of DS where PDS is explained a little bit more ?
      – is possible to apply Passenger special modifiers on “r” to normal cargo vessel calculations ?
      – does anyone get a calculation “approved” by clasification societies ( DNV, LR, GL, etc… )
      – could somebody show me an example of a final report ? i know i am asking too much, but, the more info we got, the more accurate will be our choice.

      any reply will be very appreciated.

      thank you so much, people !!

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      If you use the contact form to contact us we will send you an updated chapter from the new manual (which is currently being updated) for the probabilistic damage stability.

      The results have been accepted by various classification societies, in particular GL, BV and LR

      In addition to the updated chapter from the manual I will send you some example reports as well. These reports can be saved to HTML and then directly imported in to your word processor, including the images and markup.

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      Iago Rodriguez

      great !

      thank you, i will use the contact form.

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      Iago Rodriguez

      Hi !

      did you receive my message via contact format ??? or maybe i have done something wrong?

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