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      It would be nice to have full menu (including extension modules) in Free version. Unavailable in Free version futures could be marked as Pro or “name_of_module” next to menu_row/button instead of just showing it disabled. When you click on such menu item, it will give short description of the future (or example of the report/model) and website’s link for more detailed description.

      This way user of Free version do not need to guess what is available in Pro version or in some extension modules.

      Look at it as an extra promotion of Pro version and extension modules.

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      I am confused by the Pro version’s Demo. I see menu items for tanks and tools for stability and so on. But, i am not sure whether those are with the baseline pro version or whether they are “teasers” that really are extensions.

      Can anyone clear up my confusion? Would someone with the Pro version and NO extensions tell me if anything is “switched off” after activation? I’m excited by the tank and stability tools and want to be sure they stay. (My mind is reading two things, but only one can be correct. I’ll search some more and re-read the product sheet page. THANKS!)

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      Files of the pro and free version are compatible.
      So a file containing tanks for example can be read by the free version. The tanks will also be shown on screen, and even deleted. But tank editing options are unavailable, not even present in the menus. So are the editing options of all other extension. So generally what’s not available is also not present in the menus. The only exception to the case is the plate developments export functions in the free version.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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