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      Enrico Queirolo

      hello everyone!, i am a naval architect and marne engineer delft ship modelling fresh “pro” user. i have worked heavily with Autoship softwares (mainly autohydro with model maker, and with Autoship), with the “old” multisurf …. but absolutely new for delft. i would like to understand if there are some tutorials available for ship modelling with this software. as you can probably note i worked out almost 20 years with hydro having mainly .gf file as input providing intact and damage stability assessment for cargo ships. now i would like to create a database from gf 3d models (simply described by transversal section) transforming these model to survaces (iges, fbm). can some one help me therefore with:
      transforming GF to fbm
      creating new fbm from raster body plans
      basic procedure for modelling (a couple of step by step model build could be very useful
      many thanks in advance to all.

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