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      I have drawn up a model of a manx fishing nobby and would like to build it in a similar way to the original, with timber frames and planking

      I have put in frames at intervals along the hull and now want to print out the individual frames to transfer onto wood so I can cut out.

      I cant find a way to do it – HELP!

      The model is 1/12 scale and comes out at about 1m long

      Thanks in advance for any help

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      Eric Bailey

      You have three options: create an image, print it and the best bet if you have a drafting program that can read a DXF file – export as a DXF (data exchange file). I don’t use the create image or print option so can not advise on how to use them.

      You access these options through the “Tools” tab and the button “Show default linesplan”. Turn off the fill colour and lights so you just have the lines…

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