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      Sean Russell

      I’m trying to find a way to add port lights and windows into cabin sides. Any suggestions?

      Many thanks

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      its easy to do but it bit hard to explain, where you have your top and bottom creases that define your outer cabin sides you have to insert more control points and connect them with edges and turn them into creases, then in Layer Properties make a new layer and call it port hole, then turn on Interior Edges and highlight your port hole then assign it to the port hole layer. If you want to add a hatch openings on the top of your roof just do the same thing. O I forgot in layer Properties make the port hole Transparent 250 will make it appear like glass.
      If you want to add port holes to your hull, I’ve never had much luck but in theory all you have to do is make a cylinder and move the cylinder so it sticks through your hull ( make sure the cylinder and hull are at 90 degree angle to each other) then using Find the Intersection of Two Layers, make the top layer hull and the bottom layer cylinder it should add control points in the hull where the two intersect then delete the cylinder. see file

      Marven your not replying to my emails, Am I in trouble again, Ok who have I insulted this time ????

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      Marven your not replying to my emails, Am I in trouble again, Ok who have I insulted this time ????

      No worries, I’m working on it :S

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      giorgio zuppin

      Hi Mr.S, Mike’s reply is perfect in concision and on the way to achieve the goals.
      I can only add my own design experience on the matter: with practice you can make holes with acceptable tolerance by interfering planes, just rely on “move” and “rotate”. Remember to place the objects on the origin or “0,0,0” then place it again as desired.
      It seems maybe an odd and boring procedure, and yes, there are programs like:

      That incorporate a lot of functions.
      But it comes with a price: they are heavy, cumbersome yet precise and versatile and they need a long, long time to be accustomed with.
      DS otherwise is light, fast and easy to operate, the time you invest on it is well spent in terms of results achieved.
      As ex. I finally got a -quite- precise hole by intersection of angled torpedo tubes on the lower portion of a sub’s external hull.
      I think it’s remarkable, bye, Jurgen.

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