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      Chris Jackson

      Hello all. I’ve attached my plans for a power cat design for you to digest and offer opinion on.  I jumped on the pontoon bandwagon years ago and surrendered my attachement to v-hull pleasure craft. In doing so, I obviously gained the benefits entertainment space, stability and low maintenance.  But, also gave up performance and efficiency. In recent years manufacturers have tried to bridge the performance gap by installing huge amounts of horsepower to make an otherwise displacement style hull go fast. To me, this is grossly inefficient, as well as cost prohibitive for the average budget minded boater.

      My answer to this was to design a catamaran hull in which to place an otherwise pontoon style occupant space. My goal is to move most of my pontoon equipment and appointments over to this designed hull while gaining some efficiency and performance that I sorely miss from my v-hull days, while also maintaining the stability and guest space I’ve come to love.

      Long story short (relatively haha), I’d like your input on the hydrostatic conditions to make sure I haven’t overlooked anything major in the design.  I realize I need to still perform some fairing and adjustments to the lines plan particulars in order to loft this boat, as well as do some general clean up.

      I’ve gauged the DWL based upon current displacements of my pontoon with consideration of the new hull materials and geometry.  You’ll also note I’ve tried to keep the center of flotation astern midships.  I’ve done this purposefully, as the added weight of the engines will cause some trim.  Additionally most of the occupants will be forward or at midships and I want to maintain a decent trim angle when underway at cruise or at planing speeds. Fuel tanks will be positioned low in the hulls, and at or just forward of midships to negate their influence on trim relative to changing fuel levels. I expect an average weight to be in the 5000 lb to 7000 lb range loaded and in the wet.

      I thank you for your time immensely and am ready for any and all criticisms, suggestions or comments!


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      Chris Jackson

      For some reason the file didn’t attach

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