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      Hello, I have a few feature requests, if not already available..?

      1. Ability to group together points so that they move/lock as one. For example this would be helpful when adjusting chines.
      2. Ability to adjust point weighting to “stiffen” or “soften” the fairness of a curve/surface. This could be part of the “fair points” tool.
        (I remember the above two features from Maxsurf 15 years ago..)
        and lastly
      3. Ability to copy/paste point coordinates (optional combination of x, y, z) dirctly to other points either by right click or in the point pop-up window. This would be helpful for aligning and/or superimposing  points.
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      Ok, forget item #3. I found the “copy coordinate values tool”.

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      Denis Pratt

      It would be good if I could copy the three, distance from origin values of a point in one mouse action.

      Create another point this those dimensions, and before entered, adjust just one of the coordinate dimensions to get a new point in a model.

      Might be able to do it now, but have still to find the way.

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      Have you tried the ‘Copy’ function in the Home->Points menu? This lets you select which (X,Y,Z) coordinates of the first selected point you wish to copy to all other selected points

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