Plate Developments in DXF convert to PDF for full size printing?

DELFTship forum Hull modeling Plate Developments in DXF convert to PDF for full size printing?

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      Simon Watt

      I have a model and want to create full size templates (printed). Conversion to PDF and retaining full modelling size information seems to be the path. I have tried TotalCADConverter…
      Anyone have any experience?
      I plan to print through a service on 841mm wide paper roll. My longest “plank” is about 1.5m Hence the need/preference for PDF files.
      Thanks, Simon

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      Sergio Diaz-Ibieta

      Hi SimonW,
      I have never worked developed plates in pdf format, so I cannot be of great help in there. However I did export unfolded plates to dxf format and later worked in Autocad and also in Rhinoceros. There was one occasion where a very powerful CAD/CAM software for shipbuilding that we use in our shipyard could not develop a rudder fairing plate and I used Delftship. The result was amazingly accurate and I save the day (It works…!!!)
      Rules of thumb for plate development:
      1.- Select very well your layers, in terms of making sure that their dimensions are manageable in size, for further handling, cutting and conforming.
      2.- DonĀ“t forget to set the layer to “Developable” in the Layer Properties window
      3.- Set the Precision of the model in High or better in Very High, so you will have a much more accurate edge plate curve by means of smaller straight segments. This would result in a bigger file size but one can handle. Maybe some time in the future DS will also incorporate real curves for lines plan, plate development, etc.
      That’s it for now

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      Simon Watt

      Thanks for your advice Sergio. My project is approximately 3m long overall and the “plates” I want to develop are plastic. Your good advice still applies. I have the DXF file of my plate developments as I want them, but I’m still left with the issue of getting the DXF file of plate developments into a printable PDF form retaining the size information.

      The only other CAD software I have to play with (unused) is TurboCAD 12. I found Delftship ideal for my purpose, and a program a non-CAD user could learn to use adequately in a fairly short time.

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      Sergio Diaz-Ibieta

      Simon, I will check with a couple of our best draftsmen in the shipyard because I’ve heard that there are some tricks in printing to scale in pdf.
      Regarding Turbocad I cannot make any comment since I don’t use it (… and barely know it).
      By the way, what model are you working in?


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      Sergio Diaz-Ibieta

      Another tip: I have just searched in google with the following phrase “printing pdf files to scale”. You will be surprised about the amount of information !!
      Have luck

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      Simon Watt

      G’day Sergio,

      Thanks for all your efforts and advice. The model is for a low cost streamlined hull around my recumbent bicycle. See my signature for a side view in miniature.

      The program, TotalCADConverter, appears to work successfully for DXF files up to a certain size.

      When I select only a few planks, then save as DXF from Delftship Pro, and then convert to PDF using TotalCADConverter I get exactly what I want – PDFs at real size !! Eureka!!

      However, when I select all my planks in a single file, the PDF conversion produces a PDF at real size, but with no images! Not very useful.

      So my solution is to produce many smaller files. I’m happy with that. I think I will go ahead and purchase the TotalCADConverter program for the purpose. For anyone else interested, please bear in mind I have not actually had a print output yet. I have no associations with the program, but you can download a trial version from TotalCADConverter

      Cheers, Simon

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      Paco Labrador

      You can generate .pdf files directly from delftship. The only you need is a software such as NitroPDF, PdfCreator and many others. These applications work as a printer driver, so the procedure is to print the document wanted, select the “pdf printer” driver, adjust the properties of the new document (size, orientation…) and print. The software will create a new .pdf file in the size needed in one single step.


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      unfortunately the PDF file generated with delftship is never at thez right scale when you print it(in my case 1mm of distorsion for 2 cm long, ie 5%!!!!!!

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