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      I did shape the hull satisfactory, but how do I place an edge between two point of a curve, in such a way the the edge is a corner point, and the shape of the curve is not changed?


      I could not figure out how to do this; every suggestion will help.


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      Hi GLS

      When you add points to a curve the shape will (almost)always change a bit, but the ‘Split advanced’ function (Home tab, Edge menu group) moves the surrounding points to minimize this change.

      Alternatively- the ‘Plane’ function (Home tab, Point menu group) does this by default- check the ‘Do not move surrounding point’ to prevent this behaviour. Just remember to hide layers you do not want to insert points in if you choose this method

      Hope this helps you .

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      Hi Maarten,


      Your suggestion is not what I mean; the added point is not on the same layer as the curve.

      The added point is at a new layer, and can be placed on the straight line between two points of the curve.

      However when that is done, it will create a leaking point.


      So I hoped there is a way to put the new corner-point on the curve itself, so the system recognizes that the point is on the curve and therefor, it is no leaking point.



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      Hi GLS,

      I’m sorry to confuse things a bit- but points do not belong to layers (only surfaces belong to layers)

      Similarly you do not add a point to a curve- curves are the result of faces,  which are defined by edges, which are defined by points. So I fear that what you are searching does not match with the way DELFTship currently models surfaces.

      There’s a section in the manual that goes into this in a bit more detail, see the paragraph “Background to surface modeling” in the Hull modeling chapter.

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      Maarten tanks for the reaction and explanation;


      Let me try to explain my problem;

      I did create a hull; see first picture, black color, and on top of that a ‘boeisel’ (bulwark??), first picture, red color.

      In the ‘boeisel’ there should be an opening, of which one of the point is placed on exactly the same position as a point of the hull. This point however is a corner point, while the point used for the hull is not a corner point.

      The edge of the hull however is not a straight line, but bows to the x-axe of the model. This results in the fact that the corner-point of the ‘boeisel’ is placed outside the hull:

      To show the points in the wireframe, see:

      Right and left-bottom points are the same, but middle point is of the line.


      Now there is another corner point of the opening (left point of the opening), which was aligned with 2 points, shared by both the hull and the ‘boeisel’ and this point now is placed inside the edge of the hull.

      By trying to bypass this problem, and manipulate it manually, will end up in the result that points from the ‘boeisel’ are not on the same position as from the boeisel, and therefore will be reported as a problem-point.
      As well the folding of the plate will show some stress, due to the fact it is not a streaming line anymore.


      Similar as the above mentioned problem will happen, when beams are placed; these will stick through the hull and will be visible outside the model.


      I do hope this will explain the problem I did ran into.

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