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      Christer Engström


      Does anyone know how I can change the perspective view to be….. not perspective.
      Sounds a bit strange maybe but I am used to do 3D modeling where the model have its true shape. I get confused with the perspective effect and can not really se how my boats look.

      I have not found any setting where I can change this.
      Would be very grateful for any help.


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      Do you want to know how to use the different view-ports or do you want to know how you can use different kind of shading in the perspective view?

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      Christer Engström

      Thank you for answering dconel. I think I know how to use the different views and shades, that is not my problem.
      What I would like to do is to change the settings for the perspective view.
      In the perspective (3D) view when I rotate my model around there is this effect of close being closer and so on.
      The software tweaks the model to add more effect of depth which I find a bit annoying.
      Do you know if it is possible to turn that effect off?

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      giorgio zuppin

      Hi, only way to tweak the 3D wiew – as I know – :
      >>right click>>camera>>change setting to tele lens 200.
      It will flatten the proxy effect.
      Bye, Jurgen.

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      Christer Engström

      A bit embarrassing that I could not figure that out myself…
      Thanks a million Jurgen!!

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