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      Hi, bin out for some time and try to restart to design but need somebody to sit next to me to explain the basics. I am senior, know how to work with 2D cad.

      I wish to design small boats for a development project in Afrika.  Pleas if anybody in the Netherlands can help me, let me know. It is for a good purpose. Thanks in advance

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      iosif gross

      Hi Hans

      Sorry, I am living in Bali so I can’t help you personally except if you will come to Bali after the corona will end.

      But my advice is to go with the manual step by step, ask on the forum any question you wish and you will get there. I am also “senior”, over 72, if you work with a 2D cad program, will not be too difficult.

      The DELFTSHIP have also some example, maybe you can use one of them.

      You may also give some more details what kind of boat is in your mind so somebody may help you

      Best wishes


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      Hi Iosif,

      No plaines flying to Bali, lol. I check the manual and see the examples, but it`s just the start up and the way I learn it the best like that. It is about very simple boats

      Thanks anyway

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      Peter Edmonds

      Hi, Hans

      G’Day from Western Australia.

      I am currently in a DELFTship revival, after some earlier work, insufficient to really consolidate  the skills. For much of my working life (Naval Architect) I have been involved in small commercial vessels, fairly well addressed within Australia. I am used to dealing with dispersed projects. I will be very interested to hear what design issues you are addressing, including not specifically related to DELFTship modelling.

      I have just re-established contact with forum contributor Sean Russel of Canada. We could correspond directly by e-mail, where the content is not relevant to the Forum. I am now on

      Probably outside your scope at present is that I have been using DELFTship to generate hull shape, then transfer by IGES surface to Solidworks, then build vessel model and drawings within SW for the vessel build. Only 2 projects so far.


      Peter Edmonds

      Naval Architect

      Perth, Western Australia

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