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      Terrance Egolf

      Hello again, Guys.

      I discovered this morning when I tried to save a transom frame as a .part file so I could use it as a template for other frames, that when I imported back into the model, it was many times smaller and located at a different place. It appears that the feature is downscaling the part for some reason, because when I tried saving the entire model as a part, it also reloaded much smaller. The “part” version seems to be anchored to the original origin, just scaled smaller.


      Help, please!



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      Terrance Egolf

      An update on this problem.

      First, the scaling issue seems to affect the .part import function. I determined this by the fact that when I tried importing parts created more than six months ago—and which imported satisfactorily back then—they now exhibit the scaling problem.

      The precise scaling ratio is 1/3.2808. This is reflected in the object’s z- and x-dimensions, as well as its x- and z-displacements from the model origin. I didn’t test the change in y-dimensions, but assume they show the same issue.

      Hope this will help with troubleshooting.


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      Hi Terrance,

      The latest version of DELFTship works slightly different with units- and 302808 looks suspiciously like a Meters to Feet conversion. I will check if we accidentally ignore the units of parts, assuming you did not change system recently?

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