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      I purchased DelftShip because I needed to create a hull for a 3d visual I was working on (I’m a 3D Visualiser and use a few 3D packages including 3DS Max and Rhino etc).

      For the price I really couldn’t complain about DelftShip – and it was great fun learning it and using it….until I found myself spending hours and hours on manipulating my hull within the viewport.

      My hull was 250m long and so if I chose a few points at the bow end, when it came to rotating the view, I found the software very cumbersome with regards to viewport manipulation.

      I was surprised that I couldn’t rotate my view AROUND my selected points.  And on a ship the size of mine, that became unbearable.  My entire 250m ship would rotate (if I remember correctly) around the ship’s centre point……  not around the selected vertices…..

      Furthermore, I was doubly surprised to learn that such a piece of 3D software did not support a 3D mouse such as those from 3DConnexion (in my case the Space Mouse).

      The first requirement (orbiting around selected object, be them points, edges or faces) I believe is an absolute must.

      Support for 3D mice would be the cherry on the cake!

      I’m sure that for a small boat or yacht it isn’t perceptible as being an issue, but on the 250m ship (some ships I have worked on are 350+m) – I gave up as I weighed up the likely time I was going to spend just getting my views correct every time I needed to make the necessary tweaks was simply not worth it and so decided to quit earlier than I would have liked ideally, which was a shame.

      Please consider and support my ideas for feature requests 🙂

      Many thanks.



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      Hi Jez,

      Welcome to the forum. The rotating around selected points, instead of the origin, is added to the feature request list. As we are working on a major update I can not say when this will be implemented, but I like the idea, so I’ll keep tabs on it.

      The 3D mouse has been looked at in the past, I am not sure if it will appear on the feature request list yet. It depends on implementation complexity.

      It’s a shame the rotating issue caused you such headaches- we regularly work with very large vessels, and have managed OK so far. Granted, rotating around a set of points, or possibly the center of the current zoom level, would be a very useful addition, but I’ve never experienced it’s lack as more than a bit annoying. Admittedly, your mileage does vary.

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