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      Terrance Egolf

      When trying to orbit the view (dragging while depressing the mouse wheel button) when zoomed in from anything other than the Zoom All selection, the origin of the orbit motion seems to the center point of all active geometry (including any background imagery, if visible), even if most of that geometry is outside the current viewport.

      It would be far more convenient to the user if the orbit point were the centered at the center of the current view and any geometry within the viewport, if that were possible.

      Currently, to achieve a change of viewpoint at a specific location in a model with a large amount of geometry visible, I have to Zoom All, then reposition the viewpoint, then zoom into the area of interest.

      This is not conducive to ease of use and functionality. Many times I have to repeat the previous process in order to obtain the viewpoint I need.


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      Hi Terry,

      I second that. I posted very similar feature request here some weeks ago. I use a kind of CAD software as well where it is very easy to center view by selecting the part and press a center-view-button. Maybe the developers can integrate such a feature.



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      Thanks for the suggestion- it is included in our wish list.

      Note that this is no guarantee of implementation, only that I like the idea as well.

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      I have to say that this is a feature I’d REALLY love to see implemented.

      So many times I have been zoomed into a part and needing to orbit for a different view, but doing so makes the part disappear! so I have to zoom out, find the point I wanted, and zoom back in to the view I had.

      Centre of current view would be great.

      Another option which I’d personally like even better is having the centre of rotation be the point the mouse is at when the wheel is depressed (as in FreeCad, maybe you could utilise their code?).

      This means it rotates naturally around the area you’re interested in without having to centre that area in the view first.

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      Concur, please consider implementing the change as suggested by others.

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