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      I find I have a lot of trouble selecting edges instead of faces sometimes.

      Often the centre of the mouse cursor is not the point that gets selected so even if I’m exactly on top of the line with the cross, a face on either side is selected instead of the line. This means I end up clicking all around the area of the line to get it.

      It’d be great to have the option to select ONLY edges at some stages. Ideally by some quick means like holding the E key or similar. Failing that a checkbox in the toolbar could suffice.

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      Terrance Egolf

      Me again.

      There is really only one reliable solution to this problem: Switch to Wireframe momentarily to select the edge(s) you want.

      The selection process relies on the relative order of the objects from front to back. If the subsurface patch is “closer” to the viewer than the edge you want—even if the edge is visible—it is impossible to select the edge with Shaded surfaces turned on.

      Hope this helps.


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