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      I’m running delftship pro now for a while, love it and use it intensely for my design work.

      But now I found something strange:

      I’ve an offset file describing the 6 malls for a folding kayak.
      If I import this file as “surface” or as “chines” I’ve found out that delftship changes some of my offset values.
      I’m aware of the fact that and how I can change these points back to the original values contained in my import file, but I do not understand why these import value changes are done. I do not understand why I must correct my correct values, just because of the fact that the program has changed them. I really want to have them in delftship exactly as I specify them in my import file (see attachments).

      To give an example
      Station 6 at 4.6630
      Deckridge input is 4.6630 0 0.2298
      Gunwale input is 4.6330 0.1097 0.2298

      Delftship values for Deckridge are ok (remain unchanged)
      Delftship x and y values for Gunwale are not ok. They are changed to 0.1174 0.2562

      And yes, I’m aware of the fact that the attached file does not create a closed hull (it is without bow and stern values). But I think this should work anyway. The changes made by the program during an offset import takes place for aclosed hull too.

      Do I miss something important, or is this the way the program deals with import data? If this is the case, why?

      Any ideas how to get imported offsets data unchanged into delftship?
      All your tipps are highly appreciated 🙂 .

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