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      I have a question about offset txt export.
      In my model I make offset about -0.016 and I want to export offset to txt.
      But the program gives me only the outside calculation . I want the offset table(-0.016) before planking.
      Is there any solution for that?

      Best regards.

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      To my knowledge which is a bit rusty, you have to reduce the hull thickness yourself, third party programs like Rhino 3D, AutoCAD and other 3d programs can offset the curve for you, they would fall under the heading of general purpose 3d programs. Unfortunately all the ones I have come across including the two I have mentioned come with a steep learning curve.

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      Thank you Mike for your answer. I dont have problem to export and thinkness or offset to CAD but i want direct the offset table of mesurements from Delftship to sketch my stations. Anyway i think is a good idea delftship team include it in a new version.

      Thanks again.

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