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      Denis Pratt

      I would like to offset a curve, either chine or deck edge, a parallel distance from the initial curve. Is there a technique to do this. I want to create and duplicate a separate layer so that a Dee shaped fender can be bolted to it once nc cut and welded to the hull.
      Presently I can copy and move an existing curve in the x, y or z directions but not offset one to form an edge a parallel distance from the initial curve in two ot three directions.
      Kind regards,


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      I’ve the same problem. Like to draw gunwales on the upper edge of a rowboat. Need a set of new points offset to the points defining the upper edge of the hull. Any ideas? Thanx

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      The best thing I can suggest you is to use the OFFSET SURFACE button to create a parallel surface.

      If you need just the surface edge, use the concerned edge of this new surface to EXTRUDE or CREATE A NEW SURFACE, then delete the parallel surface when/if you do no long need it.
      This way you can too draw both faces of a plank, then connect them to get the plank’s side surface, for example. (But be careful: drawing planks’ both sides may affect the weight calculations).

      Unfortunately, the temporary surface will be drawn on the same layer than the original.
      If you need to keep a part of the temporary surface on an other layer, the only way I found (on my old version) is to delete and re-draw each polygon one after the other on the new layer… Time consuming and boring…

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      Thank you, Icare.
      I’m aware of the solution you suggest, but found it not very elegant, some times an overkill for the problem, and time consuming as well.
      I think it is not a BIG problem, to improve the product by adding some code to be allow one of these:
      – copy a collection of selected pointy and insert the copy of them at another place
      – shift a collection of points by a certain value for X, Y, and Z
      – create a linear copy (as known from CAD systems) of a collection of selected points
      (linear is o.k., but it would be nice to have other opportunities like e.g. array copy and radial copy as well)

      Is there a place to post such wishes?

      all the best, Ruedi

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      You posted it in the right place (figure requests’ page).
      Now, you’ve to wait for Martin (forum admin & Delfship creator) to read it… and it may take several weeks. :whistle:

      There are so many things to do and so little time do do them all… 😉

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      Hi Ruedi,

      This feature already exists- sort of.. Copying points is not very meaningful, since copying points (without surfaces) is, well, pointless, we have opted to copy surfaces: select a surface, and then use shifr-ctrl to drag a copy of the surface.
      Moving a selction of points has been a feature for a very long time- check the manual.

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      Hi Maarten

      thank you.
      Probabaly it is better to talk about what I want to have then about what I want to do. The latter leads to assumptions, but the first one is measurable.
      First of all: I know both functions you mention, and I’m able to use them as well.

      What I want to have is the following:
      I have drawn a rowboat hull by using the views of an old rowboat plan. Now I want to have in my drawing the inner and outer gunwales along the top edge of the side of the boat. I’d like to be able shift a copy of all points along the top edge sideways, each by the width of the gunwale, and the shift a copy of these new points downwarsd by the height of the gunwale. Then I will add the surfaces to draw the gunwale.
      Shifiting the top plank does not deliver what I want.
      So I exported the control points coordinates, imported them in a table calculation sheet, computed the values for the control points I need for the gunwales, and imported these values into delfsthip. Somehow nifty, and not ver efficient, I think.

      But I’m aware that I’m probabaly barking at the wrong tree. If there’s a more elegant and efficient way to get what I want, please let me know. Any tips for doing this more efficient are highly appreciated. Thank you, and have a good time, Ruedi

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      I’ve found this just now.
      Looks interesting, but it is still a lot of work to get a relative simple thing. Is there another opportunity, e.g. something like a simple 2d surface extrusion along a path to create a 3d object like a gunwale? Thanx.

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      I think that the solution shown in the video mentioned above is a bit too complicated. It is way easier to get the same by extruding the top edges. For a gunwale on the outside of the boat: select whole top edge, extrude it – transverse – direction out side, extrude it – vertical – direction bottom, extrude it – transverse – direction hull side. Close both ends with a plane, and adjust the ends to fit the hull ends.

      Fast and easy … not perfect, but there’s always room for improvement 🙂

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