Not able to uncheck “corner point” on controll line..

DELFTship forum General Questions Not able to uncheck “corner point” on controll line..

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      Christopher Ramsdal

      Hi, I have found that one of the grey lines(controll lines?) are suddenly a red line and the upper point is marked as “corner point”. I am not able to uncheck this to prevent the point from messing up the shape of the hull. If you look at the attached image you’ll see the red line causing a “kink” in the shape of the hull.. Any suggestions?

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      A point has to be a corner point when it joins three crease lines. This seems to be the case in your example. The short, vertical line (red) is a crease line, uncrease it and you can uncheck the corner property.

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      Christopher Ramsdal

      Thanks, I figured it out after a while trying different methods. It seems un-ceasing was the key.

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