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      After modifying my model the hydrostatics will no longer calculate. The hydrostatic featues are also no longer displayed. How is this possible?

      This happens if your model contains “leak points”.
      A point is considered leak if:

      1. it is connected to an edge with only one face attached to it. Typically these are boundary edges, edges on the boundary of a surface where water could leak through once the edge becomes submerged.
      2. The point is not located on the centerplane

      For more information see also the tutorial on leak points from our download section.

      Note: Faces belonging to layers that are excluded from the hydrostatics calculations (in the layer properties dialog) are considered as non-existing in this test. So if an edge connects two faces and one of these faces belongs to a layer that is excluded from the hydrostatics the leak points test concludes that only one face is connected to that particular edge. Therefore both points of the edge are considered leak.

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