No buttock locations in the exported offsets

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      John Owles

      Hi Marven,

      Thanks for the explanation regarding dart points.

      I have now completed the design I have been working on and exported the table of offsets so that the boat can be lofted prior to building.

      When I examined the data I discovered a crucial section of information missing – The Location Buttock Points. These are particularly important for this design as there is a hull tunnel is involved at the stern.

      The lack of buttock points also explains the problem I had when I first started using Delftship and tried, unsuccesfully, to import offsets that I had taken off a boat that we are restoring. I was also unable to import offsets from a drawn and faired yacht taken from your database.

      Do you think it may be an idea to look at the way Delftship handles offsets? It would go a long way to making the software excellent throughout the process from conception to build, modification or restoration etc.

      Or, am I missing something yet again? Quite possible!

      All the best

      John Owles

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