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      Per Thörnblom

      Good afternoon

      I have started to use this exciting software. not to build any ships, boats or models – but to draw boats and vessels to be used in my profession as a Supercargo.
      The vessels to be used to check if a particular vessel can load the cargoes we are booking within GAC. Often we are also booking lots of boats and yachts (currently we are handling the logistics for Volvo Ocean Race). In many cases we need tu build cradles for carrying the boats onboard of our chartered vessels.
      By drawing the shapes of the hulls I can imagine that we can easily build the cradles.
      I have tried and I am exporting the hulls from DelftShip to my CAD softwares without any problems.
      Should this work I will order the professional version as I need to draw ships with bulbs.

      Now to my problem. I have built a boat and would like to add additional decks. However after trying for several days now, all my creativity and ideas is gone and I am asking this community to assist.

      I can do decks from the sheer-line by extruding etc.

      However I need to add more decks and can not find out how to do- I have added new lines and tried from them however the only reply I have is as per the heading – “No boundary edges selected”

      How can I proceed further?

      Appreciate all the comments given!

      Best regards

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