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      Per Thörnblom


      I would be pleased if someone can tell me how to add additional decks in a hull?
      I have been trying for hours but can not find this out.

      I know how to make a deck by extruding, however I need to add more decks and it seems not possible as I always get the No boundary edges selected i return.

      How can I make lines as no boundary….

      Thank you for assisting.


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      giorgio zuppin

      hello there, one easy solution is:
      “connecting the dots”
      Look at and use this test.fbm

      Started with a box, then I set points with >>add points and >>add face in the menu ribbon; set corner points and crease edges then
      assign a non hydro layer to inner decks.
      Of course some edges are marked as “leaking points” but hydro properties of the hull are present.
      Somebody could object…
      Just waiting for.
      That’s only one and maybe the easiest way to overcome the “no boundary edges…” limit (BTW the limit is a property of the software),
      Bye, Jurgen.

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